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साल में केवल 4 बार, लेकिन उर्स में सबसे ज्यादा 6 दिन के लिए खुलता है जन्नती दरवाजा

The 809th Urs of Ajmer Dargah, only 4 times a year, but the moon opens for 6 days at the most in the Urs Jannati Darwaza, Urs will start from 12 or 13 February 2021 when the moon is visible, the big on 22 February Will conclude with the ritual of Kul
One day Eid ul Fitr, one day Bakra Eid and one day Hazrat Usman Haruniapos;s annual Urs is opened on Jannati Darwaza

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